Campbell Blueberry Farm | Richfield NC

Some of the most magical moments happen when toddlers are outside discovering the simple wonders of nature. Since both the “littles” love “booberries,” we ventured out to the Campbell Blueberry Farm in Richfield, NC, to have some fun picking our own and creating another bonding experience for these two cousins. There are 420 miles that separate them, and so adventures like these give them memories to keep them close.


Maddie and Luke love to be outdoors, and so the blueberry field became their own little kingdom where they were little explorers searching for the biggest, juiciest berries. Stretching on tiptoes or dropping down onto the ground, they filled their basket and bucket (with some adult help).

Beyond the enjoyment of collecting the berries, the blueberry farm is an education playground and a place for skills development, as well. It takes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to pick the berries. The children learn to choose the ripe berries and leave the green ones to finish developing. Running up and down the rows is fun and promotes a healthy lifestyle and appreciation for nature.


After returning from the farm, the toddlers were able to enjoy the rewards of their labor. They enjoyed fresh blueberries right from their very own harvest. Those blueberries became a symbol of their effort, teamwork and family adventure.

So, as we concluded our blueberry-picking (and photo) adventure, I’d say that there’s nothing better than witnessing the world through the eyes of a child, discovering the magic in each berry that they picked. And, when they are grown up and take their children berry picking, they can show them these images of when they, too, enjoyed a day at a blueberry farm.

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Toddler girl and boy holding hands in a blueberry field

But we picked so many!


Here are some ways to save your blueberries for enjoying later:

Freshly picked:  Enjoy some straight from the farm.

Breakfast:  Add some to a pancake, waffle or oatmeal breakfast.

Afternoon Snack:  Make a blueberry smoothie.

Dinner:  Add some to a summer salad of spinach leaves, nuts and some Vidalia onion dressing.

Still have some left?  Freeze some to enjoy within the next six months. Or if you enjoy baking, they can add a delicious pop to muffins and make scrumptious pies and cobblers.

Resource for blueberry recipes: Baker by Nature

Toddler boy picking blueberries

Here's a little ditty from Bill Shipper about "Picking Blueberries."


In the middle of the summer sun

I know how to have some fun

How to have some sweet, sweet fun

In the middle of the summer sun

Picking blueberries

Picking blueberries,

Every body is so happy and merry

Picking blueberries,

Picking blueberries

In the middle of the summer sun

Walking through the woods on a Sunday afternoon

Carrying our buckets, hope we find the bushes soon.

I found them! They chuckle in a huckleberry way

We’re gonna have a blueberry day

Coming back home when the summer day is done

Berries in a bowl with milk for everyone

Purple on the finger and purple on the tongue

Tired from the fun we’ve done.