Hello and Welcome!

Don't blink. Kids grow up too fast. Don't wait to capture it.

I’m Linda Buchanan, a luxury family photographer based in Baltimore County, MD, and I love turning portraits into works of art.

As a family photographer and grandmother, I know all too well that time is fleeting. I began my journey as a children’s photographer after my first grandchildren were born. Some sets and costumes I have collected over the years were chosen with them in mind. From laughing at Angel Park in Perry Hall, to creating a world of imagination in my photography studio, I wanted to capture them in this moment through my camera lens. And now those are available for you to choose for your child's session.

If you have a concept that you would like to explore for your child or family photo session, schedule a consultation with me through my website. I do everything from magical storybook style children’s portraits to lifestyle family photo sessions at your home or at the playground or state park. I can meet you at a Maryland location of your choosing or we can create something beautiful in my Perry Hall photography studio. The choice is yours!

Linda Buchanan Photographer camera view

Through my camera's viewfinder, I see a legacy in the making....

a promise you are making to future generations that there will be a family history for them to explore.